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If you would like to cancel an order, DO NOT file a claim with PayPal BEFORE you contact me. That's just silly.

If you want a refund or need help, just ask. I'm pretty easy to get along with.

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Last Updated 6-6-09

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Cheap, Good, Fast - You can pick TWO (don't pick fast).

Wish your Mag was electronic? Well wish no more.

Presenting the Ultimate Mag Frame

"The laws of physics do allow it - but they don't encourage it"
Only Unassembled Kits Left For Sale - Email for Details
All other Shocker frames just became obsolete.

The new Ultimate Shocker Frame is Unveiled!
ZDS PB is out of stock now, they're all gone.

The Vert Mag Frames are gone forever, but have no fear.
The NEW Ultimate Mech Mag Frames are here to replace them.

Discontinued - Stock is All Gone - Sorry Folks

Official Notice - Effective Immediately

I've noticed that I spend at least three hours of every day answering emails asking if items have shipped yet. Since I am so busy, and this is taking a rather sizable chunk of my day, I will no long answer any email asking for the projected ship date of an order, or the projected completion date for any project. I am sorry to have to do this, but I need some relief. This is not to say that I will not answer any emails at all though.

This stuff takes as long as it takes, and pestering me with hundreds of emails only slows the process more.

That said, if you have a problem with an order you have already recieved, or if you would like to cancel/change an order, or if you need some help (technical or otherwise), feel free to contact me. When in doubt, go ahead and send the email, the worst I can do is ignore it.

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