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Ultimate Mag Frame - The Electro Mag Solution
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Code: UEMFV10
Price: $450.00

Shipping Weight: 2.50 pounds
All the preorders are sold, and I'm not taking anymore
orders until those kits are delivered. Check back around
Jan of 2008. Sorry.
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Who will be doing the Eye install?:
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UPDATE (9-26-05): We will now be doing the eye installs, and the ULE rail milling
(as shown above) as a package with our new eye covers (also pictured above).
The cost is $125 for this service, and includes a second detent, as well as
anodizing of the rail and eye covers in your choice of solid colors.

UPDATE AGAIN (10-11-05): We are nearing the time for the preordered frames to go to ano.
if you want to get a custom color for no extra charge, and free laser engraving,
you need to get in on this now. We are still waiting on solenoids from Japan,
and boards from Georgia. Both are supposed to be no more than two weeks out, though
I will be really surprised if the boards are done on time.

AND YET AGAIN - UPDATE (6-9-07): Moving forward slowly but surely. Been hampered by
machine tool problems and a general lack of free time to devote to the project. I'm still
kicking though, and I've not run off to Tahiti or the like. Hang in there folks.

Here is a couple of videos to show you what it can do: (right click the link and select
"Save Target As")

Dry Firing (sound graphed at 18 bps)

Shooting Paint (sound graphed at 20 bps)

"What the heck is this thing?" you ask?

It's a bolt on Electro Pneumatic frame for the AGD Automag.
It uses air to actuate the existing sear, instead of a giant pancake
solenoid. The result is increased reliability, greatly increased battery
life, and a system that requires less overall tuning (the LPR is set from
us, and you never need to touch it). The system eliminates the need to
tune the ULT (as you must use a stock EMag On/Off), and if you have us install
the eyes, you can switch back to a LVL 7 bolt, eliminating the need to
tune the LVL X, and adding back some air efficiency to boot.

We can do the eye installs, or we will have a list of 'smiths who are able
and willing to do the work we can't fit into our schedule. Of course you
perfectly welcome to do the eye installs yourself. The components will be
included with the kit.

Predator Board AFA 5.0 (or newer)
Eye Components included (You build the harness and do the eye install)
Roller Bearing Trigger
Adjustable switch contact and post travel, fixed forward stop
Magnetic trigger return
DM5 Grips
Huge trigger guard
Integrated Dovetail Rail
Includes VA that is already tapped for the LPR
Complete kit comes with Jackhammer LPR (black)
Does not use the ULT
(you must use the stock Emag on/off included with the kit)
Uses one 9V battery
Mounting hardware and allen keys included

Works with RTP, EMag, and Karta Rail, as well as any RTP type rail
(like most of what Rogue sells).
Works with ULE body, Karta Body, and any body cut from a slug.
(our new eye covers will only work with the ULE bodies. All others
get Eblade covers or goop at the customers discretion.)

Will not work with twist lock bodies.

It can be made to work with classic rails, but custom work will be
involved (IE its no longer just a bolt on thing).

First 15 preorders get to choose a custom color (for the frame, trigger, and VA)
at no extra charge, and laser engraving of their choice on one side (I'll post
up a template of the area so you can go to town), also at no extra charge.

Its going to be at least twelve to fourteen weeks to ship finished products, likely
longer if everything doesn't go just right.

Everyone has to realize that this is going to be a long term deal. If you cannot wait for
three or four months for your parts, do not sign up. I want everyone to know two things:

1) This is going to take a while. Probably longer than any of us think right now.
2) There will be no refunds for the preorders. This is going to be a high dollar project, one
which I cannot float out of pocket for the time that this is going to take. You have to know
this going in. Your money will be gone into the parts right after you place the order, so it
cannot come back easily. For that reason, there will be no refunds on the preorder.

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